Did you know that 40% of all waste disposed of in our traditional landfills can be recycled at facilities such as Tri-County Organics? Did you also know that when organic waste is dumped in a landfill, it undergoes anaerobic decomposition (because of the lack of oxygen) and generates methane? When released into the atmosphere, methane is 25 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Tri-County Organics was founded on the principle of diverting unnecessary waste from our landfills. This is accomplished through a multi-step process that ends with the creation of premium compost products available to residential, commercial and agricultural customers.

Not only is composting good for the environment it also provides plants, grasses and crops with natural nutrients needed to develop strong root systems and healthy growing environments. Below is a list of the many uses for compost. We encourage you to click on the links see how you can utilize our compost products:




"To provide excellent service in the process of organics and yard waste recycling as well as premium products including composts, soil mixtures and mulches for all residential, commercial and agricultural needs"