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For Sale

We sell standard wood chips, three different colors of mulch and a nice blend of compost

Season Pass/by the load

Buy a pass that will give you unlimited access to our compost site during business hours  or pay by the load

Commercial/Residential yard waste facility

Drop off your lawn clippings, leaves, garden and tree waste  

Organic Recycling

Commercial pick up services for all of your organic waste  

Organics Recycling:  
Responsibly managing organic waste (food scraps, soiled paper products, compostable products and yard debris) by separating it from non-compostable trash and single stream recycling (plastics, glass, metals, cardboard and paper).




Whether you're a homeowner, farmer, or avid gardener, we have the compost you need. We also sell standardized wood chips, along with three (3) different colors of mulch. Delivery is also available upon request. 


​​​Services We Provide​ 

Tri-County Organics was founded in 2012 in an effort to significantly reduce the amount of organic waste in our landfills. Currently, over 40% of the materials in landfills are organic waste that can be recycled. 

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