Compost/Black Dirt Mix - $35 yd, $5 five gallon pail (customer provides)

Our premium soil mix is a 50/50 certified organic compost to screened black dirt mixture and is ideal for:

  • ​Raised garden beds
  • Starting a garden or flower bed
  • Over seeding where extra nutrients are needed

Coco Brown  $40 yd

Benefits of working with Tri-County Organics: 

Carat Gold $40 yd


Rocks/Boulders Free with TCO permit


Brick Red $40 yd

Organic Compost - $35 yd, $5 five gallon pail (customer provides)

Our certified screened organic compost has gone through a multi-step process to maximize plant loving nutrients and is ideal for:

  • ​Ammending soil
  • Annually refreshing plants and gardens
  • Potting Soil, flower boxes
  • Tilling into existing garden

How much product do you need?  Use the links below to calculate.

Used Pallets Free with TCO permit

Used Landscape Rock $10 yd

Mixed Woods  $20 yd


Screened Black Dirt - $35 yd, $5 five gallon pail (customer provides)

Our screened black dirt is ideal for:

  • ​Over seeding
  • Yard leveling
  • Garden and lawns prior to planting