Please contact us with questions about material and services that we provide  320-493-3270

Tri-County Organics  provides a variety of recycling and composting solutions for many different companies and organizations.  We are a licensed drop off site for organics and yard waste, including grass clippings, leaves, brush and logs.  We also sell compost to residential, commercial and agricultural communities.  Tri-County Organics also offers standardized wood chips and three (3) different colored mulches for your landscaping needs.  Delivery services are also available upon request.


Whether you need to drop off once a year, or once a week; Tri-County Organics has a program for you.  We sell annual passes that will give you unlimited access to our facility during business hours, or we can charge by each individual load you bring in. Tri-County Organics also services to commercial businesses, schools, and multi-vehicle fleets.