**Prohibited Food Waste Items: Any trash or items not labeled as compostable, including plastic bags, pop bottles and cans

  • Logs
  • Stumps
  • ​Pallets
  • ​Landscape Rock (without fabric)
  • Boulders

​Tri-County Organics is a licensed drop off site for organic waste serving both residential and commercial organics waste recycling needs. Our residential permit holders can drop off organic waste at any time during business hours. We also  service commercial customers including organic waste haulers. For questions about organic waste we can or cannot accept, please contact us.

​Tri-County Organics is a licensed drop off site for yard waste serving both residential and commercial yard waste recycling needs. We offer both residential and commercial permits as well as pay per dump services. Below is a list of yard waste items we take:

**Prohibited Yard Waste Items: lawn edging, landscape fabric, green treated or painted lumber, railroad ties, metal and concrete. If you have questions as to whether or not we can take your items, please contact us.


  • Grass
  • Sod
  • ​Woodchips
  • Leaves
  • Brush